How to find Articles of Association of a Company ?

Despite the many efforts made by the various authorities in the context of administrative simplification, the articles of association of a company appear to be a much requested document for all kinds of administrative formalities. Below the different solutions …

Important notice

Since 01/01/1997, all documents filed by companies can be consulted online on the website of the Belgian Official Gazette. You should therefore make a distinction between deeds before and after this date.

Search via the Belgian Official Gazette

You can get online access to the excerpts of all deeds filed by companies from 01/01/1997 and to the references of publications from 1983 with a special search engine.

You enter the data (attention, in most cases it is sufficient to enter the company number) and press LIST, which gives you an overview of the publications in the Belgian Official Gazette in chronological order (most recent ones at the top). To get the actual publication on your screen, click on IMAGE (in blue letters).

Search via Public Search – KBO

In the context of administrative simplification, the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises was created in 2003. It includes the data of commercial and free companies and associations.

This database is accessible to the public

You can do your research by entering the company number or the commercial or company name and then clicking SEARCH COMPANY. At the bottom you will find the link to the publications in the Belgian Official Gazette.

Search of deeds before 01/01/1997

Deeds that are not available online can be obtained by:

– either getting in touch with the competent enterprise court, where you can obtain a copy of all the deeds in the company’s file.

– or contacting the Belgian Official Gazette itself (Chaussée d’Anvers-Antwerpsesteenweg 53, 1000 Brussels freephone number: 0800-98 809 ).

Search via our services

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