Terms and conditions

1. Our services

The activity of our firm is to help our clients with the performance of their administrative obligations and to provide them with all types of advice and assistance in this field.

2. Application of general terms and conditions

The present general terms and conditions apply to every assignment accepted by us, including any follow-up assignments and new assignments. Submitting an assignment to us implies that you have taken note of these general terms and conditions and that you agree to them. These conditions form part of the service agreement.

These general terms and conditions also take precedence over any terms and conditions of the client, which are expressly excluded. Under no circumstances can the general terms and conditions of the Client be considered tacitly accepted by our firm. If the Client’s acceptance of an offer made by our company is subject to reservations or changes, the contract shall only come into effect after our company has notified the Client in writing in its order confirmation that it agrees to these deviations.

3. Correct and complete information

The quality of our service depends on the quality of the information you provide to us. That is why it is essential that you always provide our office with correct and complete information.

It is also your responsibility, in accordance with your ethical obligations, to verify the identification of the participating parties in any agreement, contract and/or deed. If you provide incorrect or incomplete information, our office cannot be held liable for the consequences.

As part of our services, you will receive various documents from our office. It is your responsibility to read them carefully and to check that the documents submitted are in accordance with your expectations. Report any irregularities immediately to our office.

4. Implementation period and possible complaints

The terms of implementation are only indicative and any delay cannot give rise to a breach of the agreement or to any compensation.

Our office is focused on meeting the wishes of our clients. Should you have any problems or questions, our office is at your disposal. Any complaints must be submitted to us in writing within 7 working days of the discovery of a problem.

5. Fee and payment

How our fee and costs are calculated is generally the subject of prior consultation with the Client.

Every invoice is considered accepted unless opposed by registered letter within eight days after receipt.

Invoices from our office are payable in cash at Meise, in the currency indicated and without discount. If an invoice is not paid on time, non-payment interest of 8% per annum is due by operation of law and without notice of default, as well as a fixed compensation of 10% of the principal amount with a minimum of EUR 125 per invoice.

In the event of non-payment of an invoice on its due date, all outstanding invoices, even those not yet due, shall become immediately due and payable.

In the event of late payment of an invoice, our office reserves the right to immediately stop service until all outstanding debts have been paid. Any costs resulting from this shall be borne by the client.

6. Confidential information

Each party, our office and the client, shall not disclose to third parties any confidential information about the other party of which it has knowledge within the framework of this cooperation, with the exception of information which must be communicated to third parties for the proper implementation of the contract and the legal exceptions.

7. Protection of personal data

As part of the activity of our office, you may be required to provide personal data.

In that event, the person responsible for processing the collected data is: AD-MINISTERIE BV, Brusselsesteenweg 66, 1860 Meise, e-mail: mail@ad-ministerie.be.

AD-MINISTERIE BV processes the data in accordance with the regulations applicable to personal data and in particular the Law of 30 July 2018 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and its implementing decrees and Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data.

All relevant information on the processing of these data is available on our website or on request at the address shown above

8. Fight against money laundering and terrorism funding

With the willingness to participate in the fight against money laundering and the funding of terrorism and in application of the law of 18 September 2017 on the prevention of the use of the financial system for the purpose of money laundering and the funding of terrorism, you shall answer the questions that our office must ask you in this respect and provide the required documents upon first request.

9. Liability

Our office enters into a best-efforts obligation and can only be held liable for its deliberate fault. In any event, any damage compensations that may be owed by our firm shall always be limited to the amount invoiced and received by it for the assignment at issue, except in the case of intent.

10. Bankruptcy or closure of the client’s company

In the event of bankruptcy, judicial liquidation or voluntary decision to de facto close down or liquidate the Client’s company, our office has the right to dissolve the agreement and to claim compensation for the damage it has suffered, without judicial intervention.

11. Applicable law and competence clause

The legal relation between our office and its clients is governed exclusively by Belgian law. If a dispute arises between the parties about which no amicable agreement can be reached, the Dutch-language courts of Brussels shall be sole competent, including, where appropriate, the Justice of the Peace of Meise.