Belgian documents

For the legalisation of Belgian documents, a distinction is made between the final destination of the documents: domestic or foreign.

For domestic use

In principle, documents signed by a public officer can be used in Belgium. However, it may be that for specific cases a legalisation of a higher administration is required. It is best to ask the person or body for whom the document is intended.

For foreign use

Legalisation of documents for foreign use is more complex because it depends on the origin of the document on the one hand, and on the destination on the other hand. The diplomacy service of the Federal Public Service for Foreign Affairs has developed a useful tool for this purpose.

The administrative steps to be taken are usually limited to the Foreign Affairs Department, where it is indicated that there is a possibility that there is still a need for legalisation at the consular services of the country of destination. The latter depends on whether or not the Convention of the Hague of 1961 was signed.

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