Enterprise counter

Since 01/07/2003, the activities of the Trade Register and the Chamber of Crafts and Enterprises have been transferred to the enterprise counters in the context of administrative simplification.

As a central point of contact for companies, they carry out various tasks such as the registration, amendment and deletion of data in the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises, and the associated checks of authorisations, permits and professional skills.

Basic knowledge business management

The programme act of 10/02/1998 provides that, with a few exceptions, every company, with the exception of Flanders, must provide evidence of a basic knowledge of business management. This includes basic knowledge on legislation, accounting aspects, and commercial management, and can be proven in various ways.

Access to the profession

Divided into intersectoral and sectoral professional competence, there are a number of protected professions, which a company can only exercise if the necessary proof is provided, with the exception of in Flanders established Company’s.


A convenient database allows you to check for yourself whether a domestic or foreign diploma is eligible to prove the necessary competence.

Central examination board

If you do not have the necessary diplomas or practical experience, you can register to take part in the exams with the central examination board for both basic knowledge of business management and for professional knowledge of protected professions.

Itinerant trade

Sales to private individuals on the public market, door-to-door sales, home parties and fairground activities are subject to authorisation.


There are many enterprise counters, and you can easily find their address near your place of residence.

Our services

Whether or not integrated in a composite assignment, we can provide you these services. Our many years of experience in this field dates back to 1996, and allows us to deal with your assignment in a broader context than just the simple registration, modification or deletion of your company.