There are different forms of associations, which are chosen according to their purpose and use.

Various forms of association

There are non-profit associations (VZW-ASBL), international non-profit associations (IVZW-AISBL), private or public foundations, and organisations for the funding of pensions (OFP).

The non-profit association is the form discussed here. The other legal forms are explained separately in our series of messages.

Statutes of association

The statutes of an association can be drawn up by means of a notarial or private deed. They have to comply with a number of legal provisions, and the publication procedure is very similar to that of the companies.

Annual obligations

Each association has a number of yearly recurring obligations.

Our services

The drawing up of statutes, changes in the board of directors, annual administrative obligations are administrative tasks, which are part of the good management of the association. Delegating these tasks to a professional partner is a good idea.