Basis knowledge business management

The programme act of 10/02/1998 provides that, with a few exceptions, every company must provide evidence of a basic knowledge of business management. This includes basic knowledge on legislation, accounting aspects, and commercial management, and can be proven in various ways.

Which companies are subject?

In Brussels and Wallonia, to put it simply, with a few exceptions, every company, whether a natural or legal entity, must prove its basic knowledge of business management in order to perform its activities.

In Flanders, the basic knowledge of business management has been abolished.

Exceptions or exemptions

The following companies are exempt:

  • Large companies.
  • Companies not engaged in a commercial activity.
  • Companies engaged in an intellectual service activity.
  • Companies which perform activities with their own professional conditions.
  • Companies registered before 01/01/1999.
  • The acquirer for one year.
  • The partner or children of a deceased company director for a limited period.

Who must provide proof?

  • In a company, this is the person in charge of day-to-day management.
  • In a company as a natural entity, it is the company director, the cohabiting partner, family in the first or second degree, an independent helper, or a staff member with an unlimited contract.

Which proof can be used?

  • A valid domestic or foreign diploma. A database called Diplo (FR-NL) collects a lot of information about diplomas that are valid and already approved by law.
  • Practical experience during 5 years as a secondary occupation, or 3 years as a main occupation, acquired in the last 15 years as an independent company director, as an employee in a managerial position or as an independent helper. The latter two must be able to demonstrate 5 years.
  • An EC declaration for nationals of the European Economic Area, or Switzerland.

In case of doubt, you can always enlist our services in connection with the proof of the basic knowledge of business management.