Our services

The National Bank’s services are relatively well digitised and accessible to the public. However, there are a number of simple services that we offer to make your administrative life easier.

Copies of annual accounts

Although the annual accounts for the last 5 years are available online free of charge, you can enlist us to request copies of previously filed accounts. All you have to do is send us an email.

Legalised copies of annual accounts

In some cases, usually for use abroad, a legalised copy is requested. Of course we can provide this and we refer you to our legalisation service.

Filing annual accounts of small associations

Unlike large and very large associations, the annual accounts of small associations do not have to be filed with the National Bank of Belgium, but with the registry of the competent Enterprise Court. (FR-NL) You can send us an original signed copy to have our services take care of the filing.

Filing online through our services

Filing online is done with a number of technical tools such as a digital certificate, and some browser adjustments. You can also leave this to us and send us the annual accounts by mail or e-mail. We process these and file them digitally with the National Bank.

After processing, we will send you an invitation to pay the National Bank, which you must pay within a period of 7 calendar days. It is only after receipt of payment that the filing is accepted.