National Bank of Belgium

The task of the Balance Centre is to collect the annual accounts of almost all legal entities active in Belgium, to process them and to make them available to anyone who is interested in them.

Balance centre

Most companies and large associations must publish their figures annually by filing them with the National Bank of Belgium. This information is public and can be consulted via an online application.

Who must file? (source N.B.B.)

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Filing the annual accounts online

Since 21/06/2010 counters no longer exist and the filing must be done either online by means of an application or in writing in certain cases that are still authorised.

Copies of filed annual accounts

The online application allows you to file the annual accounts of the past 5 years free of charge. If you want copies of previously filed annual accounts, you can do this directly with the National Bank or via our services.


Filings are made on standard forms. You will also find them on our portal.

Our services

We will deliver copies and can file them on your behalf. You can read more about it in the description of our services.