Idea and project development

Turning an idea into reality in the field requires thorough preparation. As an experienced expert, we can help and guide you in this area.

Clear description of your idea or project

You often have a clear picture of a certain part of your idea or project, but not of the whole picture. A clear description of your idea should enable you to make the right choice in terms of type of association or company form, required capital, location…

Basic questions

We have listed some of points to ponder:

  • Commercial or social, cultural purpose?
  • Description of the “core business”, the main activities.
  • Which activities or services do you offer? Which ones not?
  • What is your target group? Is it a B2B or B2C product or service?
  • Are there similar initiatives and what is the difference?
  • Where can or do you want to establish your company?
  • Are there technical or professional requirements?
  • Which financial resources are available?
  • Does my idea require protection?

The answers to these questions will largely determine the start of the company.