How do I complete forms?

Since 01/07/2003, when the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises was launched, standard forms (FR-NL) have been developed for the publication of company and association deeds and documents, on the one hand, and the adaptation of the data in the Crossroads Bank, on the other.

Differences in forms I and II

Form I was designed for publication in the Belgian Official Gazette, with SECTION A for the invoicing data for the administration of the Belgian Official Gazette, and section B for the actual publication, section C is only used for establishment.

Form II is only intended to indicate the modified parts of the company or association. On this basis, the registry will update the Crossroads Bank.

Number of copies

This is likely to vary depending on the registry, but in principle you need to submit at least two original signed forms I – section B, and 1 copy of the other forms is enough. A third original section B is useful if you wish to receive a certificate of deposit. In that case, it is best to add a stamped envelope addressed to you.

We advise our clients to deliver all forms in triplicate.


Form I – SECTION B, section C of the application form and form II – section C are the only forms to be signed. It is important to note that a signature on the front of section B is not accepted in order to prevent abuse. After all, this is scanned and made public online through the database of companies and associations.

Form and content

The form and content of the forms is mainly determined by the requirements of the Companies and Associations Code, in particular regarding the text to be published on part B, and can best be done by specialists. Our many years of experience in this field and the large number of acts we process ensure that we can offer you a very good service.