Crossroads Bank for Enterprises

In the context of administrative simplification, the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises was created in 2003. It includes the data of commercial and free enterprises, and associations.

Various administrations, including the VAT services, National Social Security Office (RSZ/ONSS), registries of the Company Courts and the company counters, among others, have direct access to the data.

Public Search

This part of the Crossroads Bank is open to the public and you can carry out searches on the basis of the company or association number, trade name, activities, permits, at the level of the company or registered office address.

My Enterprise

This application (FR-D-NL) gives you access to your own data through electronic identification. You can request excerpts of the companies for which you are authorised and even make limited changes.

Commercial use

A licence can be obtained for the commercial use of a large part of these data. You can request it by completing an application form and sending it to the competent services of the FPS Economy.

Our services

Registration, modification or deletion of data in the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises is usually done by administrative decisions in the cycle of a company.

With a simple power of attorney, you can authorise us to register, change or delete data.